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Damonte Ranch High School Band Digital Music Project

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Successfully funded on October 23, 2014

Performing Arts Center at Damonte Ranch High School

Project Overview: In an effort to continue towards our implementation of 21st Century Learning, we are looking to furnish both our Band Room and a Practice Room with a laptop computer. We would install Smart Music Interactive Music Learning Software onto the Practice Room computer. The Band Room laptop would have Ableton Live 9 installed and a keyboard controller.

Budget: $3,460.00

13-inch Macbook Air w/ 256GB and 8 GB RAM $1239.00
13-inch Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display and 2.8GHz Intel processor $1289.00
Smart Music Educator Subscription $140
Smart Music Practice Room Subscriptions $44.00
Instrumental Microphone for Smart Music $19.95
Ableton Live 9 Suite Educational version $499.00
M-Audio Oxygen 61MKIV $229.00

Depending on the amount of money we raise. We will purchase the items that fall within our budget.