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Mt. Rose Elementary Kids Need Your Help!

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Successfully funded on October 10, 2014

Mt. Rose Elementary

There are many needs at Mt. Rose and we have made a To Do List! This is a huge project, which includes landscaping a barren school ground, improving the playground, buying books for kids who don't get one in class, providing emergency kits for each classroom and and much more!

Emergency Kits $1,000
Provide portable emergency kits including emergency bathroom options for the kids in case of a lockdown. There have already been 2 school lockdowns in Reno this year! When kids can't leave the classroom for hours, these are imperative to have for them.

Curriculum $1,600
10 children in a class don't get to read along with the class in a book. Instead, the children have to read from a photocopy of the book. We think every kid should get a book in school!

Playground Improvement $700
The ball wall is falling apart and the playground graphics are fading to nothing. We want to give the students a bright and fun place to play!

Personal Whiteboards $200
These individual 8 x 12 whiteboards help the children in writing. The kindergarten kids would love to have them in their classroom.

Mural $300
We want to add beauty and creativity to help feed the imaginations of the kids at Mt. Rose Elementary School. We have the perfect wall for it, we just need the money for the supplies!

Landscape the School Grounds $900
The front of the school doesn't represent the beauty of what/who is on the inside! We want to landscape the front grounds and courtyard of the school.

Replace Tiles in Courtyard $300
At one point the tiles in the courtyard were a bright spot in the middle of a barren area. Now they are falling off and need to be replaced and restored.