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Books are Fun - Miguel Sepulveda

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Successfully funded on February 5, 2015

While students learn about the many interesting areas of both Science and Social Studies, they will be engaged in guided reading groups that will directly relate to the curriculum being taught. Students will be able to extend their classroom learning into the world of literature!

Students can follow young Sophia Calderwood as she takes charge to help her brother who is imprisoned on a gruesome British prison ship, and fight for the Patriot cause in Sophia's War.

Students can tag along with a runaway on a mission to protect the miniature owls that live in burrows underneath a construction site in his small town, in the award winning novel Hoot. Though readers will have few doubts about the success of the kids' campaign, several suspenseful scenes build to the denouement involving the sitcom-like unraveling of a muckity-muck at the pancake house. These, along with dollops of humor, help make the novel quite a 'hoot' indeed.

We need $1,000 for books!

Science and Social Studies Top 3 Things:
Lab experiments
Guest Speakers
Non-Fiction Text