Dolan Community Crowdfunding

Our Commitment to Education


Supporting education at all levels has been a goal of the Dolan Auto Group and the Dolan family for many years. Cuts to education funding led Ryan Dolan and his team to develop a Facebook contest that challenged local teachers to submit a classroom project and encourage their friends, families and students to vote for those projects. The 20 schools with the most votes were awarded $2500 each to fund their classroom project.

The Dolan Class Project and School Upgrade campaigns have become a building block of the Dolan Auto Group core, brand, and overall culture. It has been a privilege working with every classroom and teacher over the years and we are excited for what the future holds.

This fall marks the 4th Annual Dolan Class Project and we're incredibly excited about the evolution of the project. This year we're introducing a crowdfunding platform and, with the help of the community, we're excited to fund even more projects and reach a greater number of schools, students and teachers in our region.

Introducing Dolan's 2014 Class Project Community Crowdfunding
In an effort to fund more classroom projects we're challenging the community to help us by making donations to their favorite class projects. Northern Nevada teachers will have the ability to crowdfund class projects of their own design and scope.

We won't end our campaign until we've matched $60,000.00 in donations.

Dolan’s Class Project Community Crowdfunding campaign has been created in an effort to reach out to more teachers, more kids, and a way for the community to get involved. We're providing a platform for teachers to crowdfund their own class projects, but they only have to raise 50% of their needed budget. When the classrooms hit their proposed 50%, Dolan Auto Group will match the funds. We have $60k to giveaway, and we won’t end this campaign until all $60k is granted into local classrooms. All classrooms in northern Nevada are encouraged to participate.

What was the motivation behind the Crowdfunding campaign?
Well in the past, classrooms competed by voting on our Facebook page. We wanted to find a way to educate our community on the needs of our local schools and a provide a platform to help more students! We are still committed to giving back the same amount that we always have. We are calling on the community to assist so that we can reach out to more classrooms, as we assist our local teachers to bring their classroom needs to light. We challenge the participating classrooms to call out their local neighborhoods and local businesses to get involved; a true community crowdfunding effort.