Dolan Community Crowdfunding



What is Dolan's 2014 Class Project Community Crowdfunding?
In an effort to fund more classroom projects we're challenging the community to help us by making donations to their favorite class projects. The platform provides northern Nevada teachers with the ability to crowdfund class projects of their own design and scope.

What is the motivation behind the Crowdfunding campaign?
In the past, classrooms competed by voting on our Facebook page. Through this campaign we've experienced first hand the needs of students and teachers in our community. We wanted to find a way to bring these needs to light and fund a greater number of projects. We are still committed to giving back the same amount that we always have. This year, we're challenging the participating classrooms to reach out to the local community, neighbors, family members and local business for donations to do this; a true community crowdfunding effort.

Does this mean you're donating less?
No, we won't end our campaign until we've matched $60,000.00 in donations. We're challenging the community to get involved. No donation is too small and with the help of others we truly believe we can help make an even greater impact on education in northern Nevada. Once every penny of the $60,000.00 is matched, the campaign will end. Submit your proposals ASAP! There's no telling how long the funds will last.

How does it work?
- Teachers are encouraged to work with their students to design a classroom project to be funded.

  • Teachers will submit their project on this website with all required information.

  • If the proposal fulfills all requirements, it will be posted to our site within 48 hours.

  • Once live, the classroom has 45 days to raise 50% of their proposed budget.

  • If the classroom successfully raises the funds Dolan Auto Group will match the remaining 50%.

What if the project does not fund?
The classroom will receive 100% of the funds they have raised, but matching funds will not be granted.

How do I enter?

  • Teachers can submit their projects by selecting "Start Your Campaign" in the header. We highly encourage teachers to work with their students to develop a project that will be educational, stimulating, and impactful for students. Project proposals cannot be less than $1,000 and cannot exceed $5,000. Teachers/classrooms will need to raise 50% of their proposed budget in order for Dolan Auto Group to match the remaining 50%. Teachers must fill out the submission form in its entirety. A detailed budget and video are required for project submissions.

  • The video: This is your time to shine. Whether this is a video of the teacher or the students, this is an opportunity for the community to learn more about your proposed project, who is behind the project, and an opportunity to show the community why they should assist in funding this project.

  • Although we are very hopeful that teachers/classrooms will reach their goal, in the event that you do not - the classroom is still awarded the funds that were raised. In this instance we're requesting teachers list three additional needs that those funds could be used for.

How do I donate?
Click on the project that you would like to donate to. Transaction fees of $0.30 + 3.4% will be applied to your donation by Paypal. These are mandatory fees for the secure service Paypal will be offering in facilitating this promotion.

How are funds distributed?
Once a school has met their goal, the teacher who submitted the project will be contacted by a Dolan Auto Group representative and a check will be delivered to the teacher and classroom. The funds will belong to the classroom to be used for the proposed project.