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Carson High School Debaters’ Armamentarium

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Successfully funded on October 23, 2014

Carson High School proposes a project to provide funding for the 2014 - 2015 speech and debate season. Speech and Debate is an academic program that focuses on developing critical thinking and public speaking in addition to related skills like conducting research and analyzing literature. During the course of the school year there are monthly tournaments that allow students to put their skills to practice and pushes them to perform at their best. There are a total of nine tournaments during the year. Every tournament includes entry fees, purchasing scripts, ordering topic specific evidence, and several tournaments include additional costs for transportation. These costs quickly run up during the course of the year and must be accounted for in order for students to continue to compete and be actively engaged with their learning. Furthermore, students must be professionally dressed and not every student can afford to purchase their own clothes. The 2014 Dolan Class Project can account for a great deal of these costs.

Dolan Class project funds will be allocated as follows. The first three listed will be prioritized should our class not reach the goal:

  1. $500 to pay for rental vans for the overnight trip to State tournament in Las Vegas.
  2. $150 to pay entry fee tournament entry fee for February competition.
  3. $100 set aside to help low income students pay for professional clothing.
  4. $50 to pay for published scripts and topic specific evidence.
  5. $300 to pay for rental vans for overnight trip to Elko tournament.
  6. $200 to pay entry fee for State tournament.