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Jerry Whitehead Elementary 5th Grade

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Successfully funded on December 21, 2014

At Jerry Whitehead Elementary School our 5th grade classrooms are in need of a technology upgrade. We would like to put learning into the hands of our students through a variety of hands-on, multi-media activities. Primarily, we would like to equip both of our classrooms with new interactive whiteboards ($2,084 each) as well as mobile tablets ($394 each) for student use. The tablets are clever devices that allow students to interact with a computer and projector from anywhere in the room. Apple iPads ($401 each) would make a beneficial back-up plan, so that in the event that we are not successful in meeting our fundraising goal of $2,478 for interactive whiteboards and tablets, our students will still benefit from a hands-on learning experience which tops what we can offer them now. Should our fundraising fall short of our goal, we submit the following list of items to be purchased:

Funds Items
$394 1 Tablet
$788 2 Tablets
$1,189 2 Tablets & 1 Apple iPad
$1,590 2 Tablets & 2 Apple iPads
$2,084 1 Interactive Whiteboard
$2,478 2 Interactive Whiteboards & 2 Tablets

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