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Swope Middle School S.T.E.M SmartLab

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At Swope Middle School, our S.T.E.M SmartLab is over 7 years old and needs updated equipment, new enhanced projects kits and replacement parts of previously purchased hands-on equipment to meet the challenges of Washoe County School District's 21st Century Competencies and Nevada Academic Standards within the classroom.

S.T.E.M SmartLab needs $5,000.00 for:
• Enhanced Alternative Energy Kits $2,154.00
• K-nex Real Bridge Building $209.00
• K-nex Amusement Park $275.00
• K-nex Renewable Energy Kits $400.00
• Snap Circuit Electricity Kits $1,183.00
• Inspiration Software $39.00
• Zoometool Kits $590.00
• Fischertechik Physics Kit $150.00

21st Century Competencies require student collaboration, building knowledge construction, real-world problem solving and innovation while using technology for learning. Students engage in a project based learning environment and have to manage their time while learning to communicate with each other. In the S.T.E.M. SmartLab teams of students complete authentic projects based on science explorations, computer graphics and simulation, mechanical engineering, and robotics. All projects and explorations engaged by teams of students are connected to Washoe County's 21st Century Competencies, National Technology Standards, and Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Depending on the amount of money we raise. We will purchase the items that fall within our budget.