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Whitehead Elementary 6th grade active board project

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Successfully funded on January 26, 2015

Whitehead Elementary
Recently, our 5th graders worked really hard gathering donations for a Dolan project. They achieved their fund raising goal and and now have enough money to purchase two new interactive whiteboards for their current classrooms! Unfortunately, the timing for purchasing and installation is not going to allow them much, if any, time to enjoy their new technology before they move up to 6th grade. In order to properly reward them for their hard work we propose a new project with the same goals in mind. We would like to equip both of our 6th grade classrooms with new interactive whiteboards ($2,084 each) as well as mobile tablets ($394 each) for student use. The tablets are clever devices that allow students to interact with a computer and projector from anywhere in the room. Apple iPads ($401 each) would make a beneficial back-up plan, so that in the event that we are not successful in meeting our fundraising goal of $2,478 for interactive whiteboards and tablets, our students will still benefit from a hands-on learning experience which tops what we can offer them now. Should our fundraising fall short of our goal, we submit the following list of items to be purchased:

Funds Items
$394 1 Tablet
$788 2 Tablets
$1,189 2 Tablets & 1 Apple iPad
$1,590 2 Tablets & 2 Apple iPads
$2,084 1 Interactive Whiteboard
$2,478 2 Interactive Whiteboards & 2 Tablets

No contribution is too small! Please help us achieve our fundraising goal of $2,478 by pledging today and recommending to your friends.