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Wooster Science and Engineering Fair, Arduino Inventor's Kits

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Successfully funded on January 20, 2015

Wooster High School

At Wooster High School all students are encouraged to participate in the Science and Engineering Fair. We provide a club where anyone can come and receive help for the fair. The Science Fair is an exciting experience for both the students and teachers who participate and an inspiration to the next generation of scientist, engineers and leaders of tomorrow. One area that has had minimal entries over the many years that the Western Nevada Science and Engineering Fair (WNSEF) has been in existence is the category of math/computers. Arduinos are a base microprocessor that can become the working ‘brain’ in computers that students themselves, program. We hope to raise enough money to enter the WNSEF, provide awards at the local school level (at Wooster High School) and buy a classroom set of Arduinos. Programming is the future! With the money raised with your help, and Dolan Automotive's generous matching of funds, should we reach the goal.

Budget: $1700.

General Costs: $220.08
Copies: $100 (for the program, entry packets, fliers, ads, IRB forms)
Entry to the WNSEF: $100
Mustang letter pin: $17.70 + $2.38
Judges dinner/ teacher lunches/refreshments at opening night: $112.00

Awards: $118.14
Participant pins: $42.25 + $2.38 = $44.63
Ribbons: $10.26 + $2.38 = $12.64
Medallions & neck ribbons: $25.20 + $6.80 + $2.38 = $34.38
Backpacks: $26.49

Cash Awards/Scholarships: 1st-3rd ($300)
Engineering: $25, $20, $15
Environmental Science: $25, $20, $15
Life Science: $25, $20, $15
Physical Science: $25, $20, $15
Mathematics/Computer Sciences: $25, $20, $15

Special Awards/Scholarships: ($100) If you would like to sponsor a specific ‘special’ prize let us know!
Microprocessor prize: $25
2 Enviromental/mining: $25 & $25
Environmental/Engineering: $25

Arduinos inventor’s kits: $850
classroom set of Arduinos $850

Top 3 Things
If we are not able to reach our goal, we will use any money donated to purchase items in the following order:
1. Copies & Registration
2. Awards
3. Arduino inventor’s kits for the classroom