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Galena High School Wrestling Team

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Galena High School
We are in need of new wrestling gear for the high school team. We have several different sets of singlet wrestling outfits but not enough for the entire team. We have 5 or 6 different sets but none of them have more than 8 in a set. We have gear that is over 10 years old and is completely worn out. We would also like to get new team headgear for those wrestlers who don't have any. We have several tournaments that we would like to attend but we currently have no money in the budget to pay the entry fees or for the busses to travel to the tournaments. Our athletes are in the process of doing their own fundraising, but we need community support to be able to reach all our goals. Through this grant we can pay for the new gear and a few of the entry fees. The rest of the money will be fundraised by the team.
New wrestling singlets- $60.00 each x 20 singlets (team set) = $1200.00
New wrestling headgear-$20.00 each x 20 (team set)= $400.00
Tournament fees $200.00 x 7= $1400.00
Transportation $200.00 x 7 = $1400.00
Our top three things will be:
1. Pay our entry fees for tournaments
2. Pay our transportation to our tournaments
3. Order new gear