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Hugh Gallagher 4th Grade Science & Engineering Project

A campaign by Karen Staffen

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Successfully funded on November 4, 2014

At Hugh Gallagher Elementary, the 4th grade class is focusing on integrating more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities into the curriculum. But in order to give our students the best possible foundation for learning in a robust 21st century manner, we need supplies - a lot of them! Please donate to Hugh Gallagher Elementary's 4th grade Science and Engineering Project, and help us purchase these materials. With your help, and Dolan Automotive's generous matching of funds, should we reach our goal, our students will be well on their way to realizing the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and future success.


$1450 - Reusable Materials

prisms $40.00
flashlights $25.00
spatulas $10.00
magnifying glasses $35.00
tuning forks $30.00
unbreakable hand mirrors $50.00
dowels $15.00
nuts and bolts $15.00
BALLS - ping pong, pool balls, rubber, etc $50.00
plastic containers $20.00
potholders $10.00
tin snips $15.00
fan $25.00
rain gutter sections ~ 12 ft $20.00
AVerVision U15 - Doc camera $235.00
watershed model $830.00

$350 - Miscellaneous Consumable Supplies

toothpicks, straws, paper plates, cups
Paper - tissue, construction, graph, etc
brass sheets, piece of sheet metal 20 x 10
rubber bands, stir sticks, popsicle sticks
sand, salt, paint, clay
rope, string, index cards
Cardboard, masking tape, duct tape
candies and food items for edible vehicles

Top 3 Things

If we are not able to reach our goal, we will use any money donated to purchase items in the following order:

  1. Smaller item reusable materials
  2. Document Camera
  3. Watershed Model