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More Instruments for More Turns!

A campaign by Christine Anderson

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Successfully funded on April 30, 2015

Whitehead Elementary School

Our music classroom needs more instruments so that students get to play more often. Right now, we have enough for every 3-4 kids to play, which makes learning a piece on the instruments less efficient. We would like to be able to purchase 3 new instruments to round out our instrumentarium: a bass xylophone, alto xylophone, and alto metallophone. This would give us a more balanced sound and allow for 2 students/instrument in most classes, with a maximum of 3.

Bass xylophone: $985
Alto metallophone: $389.85
Alto xylophone $544.50
Total: $1919.35

If we do not meet the entire goal, we would purchase whichever instrument(s) we could with the funding. If there is not enough to purchase any of the instruments, we would instead purchase a (cheaper) soprano xylophone or new mallets.