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Technology in the Classroom at Roger Corbett Elementary

A campaign by Brandon Wimbley

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Successfully funded on October 28, 2014

School Name: Roger Corbett Elementary

Project Overview
The goal of this campaign is to raise funds for the sixth grade classrooms at Corbett Elementary to provide E-readers and tablets for usage in the classroom. Due to the physical limitations that our library has, we do not have equal access to books that our students desire to read. Many of the current, popular books that the kids want to read are checked out or the library doesn't own them. They then have to be put on a waiting list for several months at times. If we were able to reach our goal of $1000, then we would be able to purchase e-readers and tablets for our students to use, check out and take home. This would allow the students to read books that our library currently does not have. Another benefit is that we would be able to download specific apps on the tablets that would provide differentiated, instructional practice for the students with immediate feedback. This would be an excellent way for the students to practice skills at home without having to wait for the teacher to verify if their answers were correct or not. For instance, we would be able to download apps for students struggling with division to practice with while downloading apps for other students that can reinforce statistical concepts that were addressed in class.


$900 - Pyle Astro 9-Inch Android 4.2 Dual Core Tablet with Bluetooth (12 @ $75.00)
$156 - TabSuit 9'' Leather Tablet Case Folio Keyboard with Stand (12 @ $13.00)

Total Cost: $1,056
Total Impact: Priceless

Top 3 Things

If we are not able to reach our goal, then we will purchase as many tablets as possible in order to help our students have access to books that they otherwise would not have access to.